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Create Memes

Pcool has all the tools you need to quickly create demotivational or captioned memes.
Click on any of the topics below to see how.

Import Image

You can import any image on your computer by simply dragging the image into your media folder or a conversation.

Adding Captions

Two Line Caption
Centered Caption
Right click on an image anywhere on your computer and select the "Add caption" or "Caption image with Pcool" then select the "Centered caption" or "Two line caption" option. When you're done you can save it to anywhere on your computer or directly to your Pcool folder for sharing.

Generating (De)Motivationals

Right click on an image anywhere on your computer and select the "Add caption" or "Caption image with Pcool" then select the "Motivational" option. When you're done you can save it to anywhere on your computer or directly to your Pcool folder for sharing.

Import Audio

You can also import audio clips to share with your friends. Simply drag a wave, mp3, or ogg file into your media folder to import it. There are currently no tools in Pcool Instant Messenger to modify audio clips as of yet.

Share Memes

What's the point of creating memes if your friends can't see them?

Sending your meme

Standard Selection
URL Selection
Inside the conversation windows text box, to the left, click the large gray button that says "Click here to insert media". Clicking that will open up a window that can browse all of your files you have imported into Pcool. Simply select an image and/or sound and then turn on and off any parameters to enhance your image.

Alternatively, you can press the
button and enter a URL to an image which Pcool Instant Messenger will download and display.

Click on the "Enhancements" topic below to see each of the available enhancements.

Another way to select an image or sound is through a macro. Simply type in a files name in brackets to select it. Click on the "Text Macro" topic below to find out more.


Spoiler Alert
Enlarged Thumbnail
Conceal the thumbnail forcing the recipient to manually reveal it by clicking on the image and viewing the full size version or right clicking on the image and selecting "Hide/Unhide". This is useful if the image you share will spoil a joke you've written if the image is viewed before your message is read.

Add or adjust rumbling and rotating on your images. Shaking is only active while a sound is playing. This is useful for dramatization.

Double the size of an images thumbnail. This is useful for image clarity and dramatization.

Loop the selected sound clip.

Loop the selected animated gif.

Text Macro

To share images and sounds simply by typing you can enter their names like so:

[name] or [imagename soundname]

Instead of specifying the name of the image you want you can also enter [foldername] and have Pcool automatically select an image from that folder for you.

Example uses:

[cats], [reaction/shock], or [reaction\awe]

Both forward slashes and backward slashes are treated the same.

You can also set any of the parameters through text:

[name z2]

This is the same as simply pushing the
button. See the "Enhancements" topic above for a list of all of the buttons and their codes.


Pcool features an app system that allows constant feature additions big and small. See the current list of available apps below. To start any of these simply open the "Apps" menu at the top of a chat window and select one.

My Face When

Use your webcam to quickly make reaction images with My Face When. Either press the snapshot button manually or turn on automatic mode and let the camera take a picture whenever you send a message. By default all pictures will be saved to a "mfw" folder in your Pcool folder so they can be shared with other people.

Voice Chat

Party Mode
Pump up the jams!
Don't want to type? Call your friend with the voice chat app! Voice chat features configurable volume levels per user, push to talk, open microphone, audio streaming, and voice activation. Party mode is also available allowing any number of friends to connect to a mutual lobby.

To establish a connection to your friend in party mode both users must exchange tokens simultaneously to connect; once connected everyone already in your party will automatically connect to the new user.

Video Chat

Seeing eye soldier
Video chat can stream from your webcam or whatever is on your screen in real time. Video chat may be placed over any window or game and uses all of voice chats code for audio communication which allows you to continue using regular voice chat features like push to talk, voice activation, audio streaming, and streaming via key binds.


A happy little bush
Invite your friends to paint with you and show them your creative talent... or just scribble over theirs.


Challenge anyone to a one on one retro styled competition of hand-eye coordination. Show off your mix up game by spiking the ball back at your opponent. To spike the ball for a high-speed surprise you must left click just before the ball connects with your paddle.


Fullscreener will remove any windows borders and menus and then put them into a windowed fullscreen state. Use this in conjunction with video chat to force a game to enter windowed fullscreen mode and then move video chat over it.


Terminator gives you the option of gracefully closing any application using the ALT+F4 keys even if that application has disabled that key combination. If terminator cannot close the application or game gracefully it will attempt to terminate the process immedietely. Open this app before starting a high stress activity that has disabled the use of ALT+F4.
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